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Horror is a form of fiction that intends to scare or disturb through a protagonist’s experience with an uncanny or menacing force. Horror evokes an emotional, psychological, or physical response (i.e., fear) within the reader and intrudes on a reader’s comfort level. Horror stories usually involve a protagonist’s confrontation with the unknown and the malevolent aspects of humanity, as well as the unsettling realisation that human knowledge is limited.

Killer Impulse

Killer Impulse

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 25, 2014PG-13Video
Chelsea has been working for the police for years and spends every long day and sleepless hour hunting down some of the worst serial killers in the world and bringing them... read more
8,563 reads votes 416 comments 76


6 parts / 13 pages, updated Aug 29, 2014PG-13
1,947 reads votes 36 comments 8
† The Vampires - Agony  CZ †

† The Vampires - Agony CZ †

18 parts / 29 pages, updated Aug 31, 2014
The Vampires-Agony / Upíri - Muka - Upír..Co to slovo ve vás vyvolává? Krev..Snesete pohled na ni? Smrt..Přemýšleli jste někdy jak zemřete?  Z... read more
3,394 reads votes 197 comments 49
They Are Here.

They Are Here.

5 parts / 6 pages, updated Aug 04, 2014PG-13
In a little town that is constantly under clouded skies with constant snow, strangers start to arrive. These are obviously not normal people. The town turns to a panic when... read more
1,456 reads votes 21 comments 6
Blood Tied I

Blood Tied I

10 pages, updated Aug 15, 2014PG-13Completed
A girl who worries she won't fit in. It's a familiar story with a surprising end. Happy reading!
602 reads votes 3 comments 0
All Lips Turn Blue

All Lips Turn Blue

19 parts / 19 pages, updated Aug 06, 2014PG-13Video
In a mad frenzy my mind wanders between the past and now. I wish I could have killed her that night, but it's just a matter of time. In the end all lips turn blue. A... read more
4,083 reads votes 202 comments 324
Vampire's slave

Vampire's slave

26 parts / 9 pages, updated Aug 18, 2014
Ash(Ashton) thought loosing her parents was bad but when she becomes a teenage vampires slave all goes wrong. You can tell shes to skinny. Her master works her to hard ... read more
3,896 reads votes 102 comments 40


25 parts / 32 pages, updated Aug 05, 2014PG-13Video
Claudius and Desmond are brothers, but they couldn't be more different. Claudius is dangerous, merciless, and vicious. Desmond tries to manage his brothers bloodlust, but the ... read more
5,749 reads votes 107 comments 18
This Tortured Soul: Twilight Fanfic

This Tortured Soul: Twilight Fanfic

15 parts / 13 pages, updated Aug 27, 2014
Edward's gone, and Bella's depressed. Charlie's had it, so he sends her to Jacksonville. What he doesn't know is Renee isn't the same. She knows about ... read more
3,724 reads votes 249 comments 211
Vampire Shift (Kiera Hudson Series One) Book 1

Vampire Shift (Kiera Hudson Series One) Book 1

24 parts / 69 pages, updated Mar 10, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
**The No 1 bestseller now available to read at wattpad!** "Vampire Shift will leave you on the edge of your seat, gripping your Kindle.... read more
448,050 reads votes 8,915 comments 1,166
The Scottsville Vampire Invasion

The Scottsville Vampire Invasion

12 parts / 29 pages, updated Nov 17, 2013PG-13
Clark Taylor is the sheriff in a small rural town in central Pennsylvania. On a cold winter night a person is found murdered with a mysterious wound to h... read more
1,387 reads votes 153 comments 163
CAUGHT Vampire Trilogy (boyXboy / BDSM / Angst / Gory)

CAUGHT Vampire Trilogy (boyXboy / BDSM / Angst / Gory)

6 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 25, 2014PG-13
That sweet rusty taste of blood reminds me that you belong only to me. My love, can I tear you into pieces and feed on your flesh? That way, you'll be apart of me. You can live in me and be only mine.
953 reads votes 48 comments 1
I'm Yours

I'm Yours

19 parts / 31 pages, updated Jun 18, 2014
Ellie has been living with the vampires for five years now. When she was ten her family was killed and she was taken. No vampire has bought her but now that changed. She has to... read more
2,852 reads votes 83 comments 6
A vampire's dream.

A vampire's dream.

4 parts / 3 pages, updated Aug 06, 2014PG-13
Zoey was just a teenage girl when she first saw him, now he want's her . He seem's to always appear in her dreams and just before she can find out why .................. read more
129 reads votes 4 comments 6
To Kill A Cheerleader

To Kill A Cheerleader

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Aug 29, 2014PG-13
Melanie is a normal girl. She used to be a nerd, but now she's popular in this new school, all of the cool kids are hanging out with her. Everything is perfect. At ... read more
81 reads votes 8 comments 3
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