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House Of Horrors

House Of Horrors

22 parts / 38 pages, updated Jul 16, 2013VideoPicturesCompleted
A fun day in a haunted house turns into a nightmare after the kids go after it closes. They think its just well put together, but what if it's something more? From eight, ... read more
562,344 reads votes 10,278 comments 5,003
Lennox House

Lennox House

25 parts / 59 pages, updated Oct 26, 2014VideoPictures
Manchmal ist nichts wie es scheint und alles so, wie es überhaupt nicht sein soll. Wenn dich nachts seltsame Geräusche wach halten, der Nachbar mit den grünen Augen immer ... read more
69,071 reads votes 4,530 comments 725
White House

White House

67 parts / 54 pages, updated Apr 23, 2015Completed
Sa hindi maipaliwanag na sitwasyon, sa paikot-ikot at pabalik-balik na daan, kayo'y masisiraan. Isang malaki,maganda at maliwanag na bahay inyong matatagpuan. Kakatok ka ba... read more
85,939 reads votes 1,979 comments 262
Laughter House

Laughter House

20 parts / 40 pages, updated May 30, 2013Completed
Holly is going to stay at the Laughter House, an eerie, old house that sits on the outskirts of her little town. The kids on her street say that it houses crazy children. ... read more
27,535 reads votes 1,274 comments 559
The Halloween House

The Halloween House

72 parts / 64 pages, updated Jun 04, 2015
Dieses Buch hat vier Teile ! Die Teile sind hier mit eingebunden ! ❤️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Es ist wieder Halloween, sein Lieblingstag im Jahr. Es l... read more
30,607 reads votes 1,991 comments 330
The Haunted House - Harry Styles (German Translation ~ deutsche Übersetzung)

The Haunted House - Harry Styles (German Translation ~ deutsche Übersetzung)

31 parts / 45 pages, updated Dec 25, 2014Completed
The Haunted House – German translation/Deutsche Übersetzung „Eine vorhergesehene Gefahr ist eine gemiedene Gefahr.“, sagte ihre Groß... read more
44,606 reads votes 2,335 comments 235
The Spirit House - New Version

The Spirit House - New Version

59 parts / 146 pages, updated Aug 16, 2014PicturesCompleted
'I’m hearing voices, Seeing things I shouldn’t, And having visions that become my reality.' Amber Rhodes thought she was a normal girl. Her life was fille... read more
27,525 reads votes 1,794 comments 161
Wax house

Wax house

12 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 29, 2015
"La porte la mieux fermée au monde et celle qu'on essaie même pas d'ouvrir."
19,360 reads votes 1,274 comments 228
Murder House

Murder House

12 parts / 19 pages, updated Jun 24, 2013Completed
From Ouija boards to myths and scenes to make you wish you didn't come back the Murder house has it all. All of the demon games and myths that plague you in your nightmares a... read more
23,465 reads votes 737 comments 72
Doll House

Doll House

32 parts / 40 pages, updated Oct 03, 2014Completed
Lauren is a normal girl until she is kidnapped by a man. The man was obsessed with dolls and has now taken it further. How far will he go to see his dream? |Language is used for emphasis in the story and do not reflect on the author's character|
89,361 reads votes 1,726 comments 339


32 parts / 19 pages, updated Jul 01, 2015
14,932 reads votes 1,292 comments 103
House of Urban Legends and Creepypasta

House of Urban Legends and Creepypasta

62 parts / 35 pages, updated Jun 11, 2015
Algumas lendas urbanas que circulam em algumas cidades e alguns países.
106,239 reads votes 2,470 comments 167
horror house

horror house

54 parts / 37 pages, updated Jun 24, 2015Pictures
storie horror e leggende. ...
38,033 reads votes 1,324 comments 284
In the psycho house

In the psycho house

13 parts / 17 pages, updated Mar 17, 2015
Horror-story. Nicht von mir! (Mit erlaubnis)
42,284 reads votes 1,557 comments 375
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