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Historical fiction usually recounts a famed event of the past or a memorable, recognizable period time period as experienced by fictional characters, but may also describe a historical figure (in their perceived likeness) that must deal with a variety of imagined situations. Historical fiction attempts to accurately capture the essence of history and realise as fully as possible the way the world once was. Striving for plausibility and authenticity, historical fiction allows the reader to both live and learn history, often showcasing political or social issues of the time.

The Boy in the Woods (Watty's 2014)

The Boy in the Woods (Watty's 2014)

43 parts / 197 pages, updated Oct 27, 2014PG-13Video
A mysterious and poignant coming of age story with the same classic feel as A Little Princess and The Secret Garden! In 1958, a young girl grieving t... read more
1,431,071 reads votes 32,771 comments 12,695
The Robber Knight's Love

The Robber Knight's Love

39 parts / 113 pages, updated Oct 31, 2014PG
Ayla has uncovered a terrible secret: the man she loves is in fact her worst enemy. As a mighty army gathers to destroy her and her people, she must ask hersel... read more
2,597,135 reads votes 71,881 comments 11,877
Her Royal Match

Her Royal Match

50 parts / 176 pages, updated Oct 31, 2014PG-13
Set in the late Victorian era of 1890 when women liberation was still a distant dream, Princess Marine , a certified doctor & a rebellion in the royal family is one a... read more
371,589 reads votes 7,224 comments 792
War Prize (A Roman Britain story)

War Prize (A Roman Britain story)

21 parts / 60 pages, updated Oct 26, 2014PG-13
Aurelia, a Noble Roman woman, had heard of the savage British tribes, their mystic Celtic ways, and the battles the Roman army was fighting against them o... read more
618,418 reads votes 23,450 comments 2,690
My Highlander, My Love

My Highlander, My Love

153 parts / 182 pages, updated Oct 30, 2014PG-13
Kyra was a beautiful twentyone year old young woman, who just finished undergrad school, and was super excited to start law school in September. She was beautiful, ... read more
4,389,288 reads votes 84,761 comments 5,541
Marriage As Punishment

Marriage As Punishment

22 parts / 29 pages, updated Oct 28, 2014
Lady Aleana Brighton daughter of Marius Brighton Earl of Sumton. Described as an unruly, unteachable, and undisciplined girl. Stubborn in her ways, she refuses to m... read more
353,120 reads votes 7,978 comments 597
My Dark Knight

My Dark Knight

51 parts / 206 pages, updated Oct 19, 2014PG-13
In the era where swords rule, where women consider their modesty their greatest virtue. Where a man would kill to find his wife warming another mans bed, a time when women ... read more
4,252,549 reads votes 64,285 comments 8,808
The Pirate King and I

The Pirate King and I

25 parts / 87 pages, updated Oct 11, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
After pirates kidnap seventeen-year-old Ana in a case of mistaken identity, the orphaned housemaid prepares for the worst. Instead, playing the wholesome daughter o... read more
398,655 reads votes 16,376 comments 3,235
Roses of Rome #Wattys2014

Roses of Rome #Wattys2014

25 parts / 49 pages, updated Sep 28, 2014PG-13Completed
"The storytellers told tales. The singers sang epic songs. The dancers danced the dance that dancers dance, on the floor and tabletops. The jugglers juggled... read more
9,270 reads votes 4,292 comments 78
A Viking's Loyalty

A Viking's Loyalty

12 parts / 23 pages, updated Oct 29, 2014PG-13
The threat of another war has Rome in uproar. Just one year ago, Rome went to war with the Vikings, losing many men in the process. After a few Roman soldiers attack... read more
22,958 reads votes 1,530 comments 147
Love Comes in Three

Love Comes in Three

82 parts / 148 pages, updated Oct 27, 2014PG
The year is 1815, sixteen year old Margaret Woodbridge thinks her world is ending as she watches the youngest of her three brothers whisk away her best friend from So... read more
46,550 reads votes 1,625 comments 619
Prince of Knights (A Muslim's Love Story)

Prince of Knights (A Muslim's Love Story)

13 parts / 30 pages, updated Oct 30, 2014GVideoPictures
#3 Spiritual #7 Historical Fiction السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Arabs are well known for their culture, Poetry and hospitality. They are als... read more
72,121 reads votes 2,889 comments 1,295
Keeping Faith  (Book 3 in the Red Valley Series)

Keeping Faith (Book 3 in the Red Valley Series)

33 parts / 78 pages, updated Oct 28, 2014PG-13
This is book 3 in the Red Valley Series but like the other ones, it can be read by itself. Faith Matthews is a headstrong, independent wom... read more
74,275 reads votes 2,993 comments 264


36 parts / 71 pages, updated Oct 25, 2014
Isabella, future queen of Gardia, unlike any lady of her time, is no damsel, but a fierce warrior. Though respected by men and shunned by women she fleetingly wonders what it would ... read more
617,901 reads votes 24,646 comments 1,508
The Elissa

The Elissa

43 parts / 92 pages, updated Oct 29, 2014PG-13Video
She returns—ghostly, white—a phantom ship lost and wandering, cursed on an eternal voyage, never to find rest. The Caribbean has not been kind to The Elissa, its once proud ma... read more
41,234 reads votes 2,286 comments 317
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