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Endless Sadness  (Eesti Keeles)

Endless Sadness (Eesti Keeles)

30 parts / 36 pages, updated Dec 22, 2013Completed
Kui kaugele saab ilma jalgadeta joosta?
13,738 reads votes 967 comments 157
sad story: Caleb's Life (completed)

sad story: Caleb's Life (completed)

77 parts / 25 pages, updated Aug 20, 2014Completed
Caleb Grace is the son of Zeus. He has a secret issue that is threatening his life. It isn't an issue like a monster its a normal health issue. He needs to be well enough to go on an important quest he knows nothing about.
12,554 reads votes 316 comments 224
Tales : The Sad Faith of a Woman

Tales : The Sad Faith of a Woman

53 parts / 112 pages, updated Feb 02, 2014
MINSAN, naisip ko. Bakit kaya ang aga ko nainlove? Bakit kaya ang aga kong nakaramdam ng kakaibang feeling. Narealize ko. Ang pag-ibig, walang pinipiling e... read more
16,383 reads votes 343 comments 49
Zodiac High

Zodiac High

9 parts / 11 pages, updated May 20, 2015
Every sign always sticks to their own never to stray from their buildings. Each sign has an element which they control. Once at the age of 10, each child is sent to learn how... read more
7,548 reads votes 281 comments 71
Sad Angels // N.H

Sad Angels // N.H

9 parts / 11 pages, updated Jun 23, 2015Pictures
Sadness is a way of life, I think... Esta Fanfiction é de minha autoria, digo, desde já que, plagiar é crime! Se quiseres usar ideias da minha fanfiction pede antes de a... read more
214 reads votes 50 comments 6
Videos from her(a jaay love/sad story)

Videos from her(a jaay love/sad story)

5 parts / 2 pages, updated Sep 28, 2014
So in this story there is this boy named jaay and this girl named y/n they both like making vids and recorded each other all the time when they are ... read more
853 reads votes 40 comments 6
Endless rain (a sad nalu fanfic)

Endless rain (a sad nalu fanfic)

3 parts / 2 pages, updated Jun 05, 2014
This story is about natsu and his lost now wherever he goes a painful rain follows him around and now lisanna came back he doesn't want to love her she tri... read more
2,247 reads votes 51 comments 7
Like A Doll (short sad story)

Like A Doll (short sad story)

10 parts / 6 pages, updated Apr 03, 2013Completed
Like a Doll (One Shot) Written By: @CatsCrabsPumpkins Characters: Lee Jaejin as Roy Girl as “She” Description: It is about Jaejin/ Roy who experienced extre... read more
2,349 reads votes 20 comments 5
Le nozze di Sadie Kane e Anubi

Le nozze di Sadie Kane e Anubi

1 page, updated Jan 13, 2014
Racconta le brevi nozze di Sadie Kane e Anubi ♥♡
654 reads votes 22 comments 7
Sideline Sad Story

Sideline Sad Story

4 parts / 8 pages, updated Apr 29, 2015Pictures
Ever since she was young, Aaliyah wanted a nice husband and beautiful family consisting of 2 kids , boy and girl. But as I grew up she realized that that only existed ... read more
1,149 reads votes 32 comments 7
A Sad Optimist(GxG)

A Sad Optimist(GxG)

11 parts / 26 pages, updated Mar 25, 2014
This will be the same as on my other account, including all dedications. Nothing will be changed. As it says this is a girlxgirl story if you don't like don't read. Th... read more
916 reads votes 23 comments 2
Sad Dream

Sad Dream

6 parts / 7 pages, updated Apr 10, 2015Pictures
Rani adalah seorang remaja perempuan yang kehidupannya sudah hampir mendekati sempurna. Dengan segala sesuatunya yang dimiliki orang tuanya. Mulai dari harta sampai tahta, teta... read more
477 reads votes 20 comments 0
Sinful soul

Sinful soul

10 parts / 7 pages, updated Jun 17, 2015Video
Zbog smrti roditelja u saobraćajnoj nesreći i teškog života sa sestrom desit' će se neke stvari koje promijeniti život dječaku koji je do tada imao sve u životu i kojem se je... read more
700 reads votes 17 comments 6
Querido diario. [Cancelada]

Querido diario. [Cancelada]

8 parts / 12 pages, updated Apr 25, 2015
—Todo depende de ti— Esas simples palabras seguían colándose por mi mente, brillando en la oscuridad de la penumbra que son mis pensamientos. —El peso de mis pa... read more
654 reads votes 37 comments 31
The girl with so much sadness

The girl with so much sadness

10 parts / 5 pages, updated Mar 09, 2014
293 reads votes 16 comments 4
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