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Fanfiction is writing that remixes characters, places, or plots from existing narratives to tell new, original stories. Existing narratives could mean things like popular books, TV shows, movies, games, comics, or plays. Some types of fanfiction even cast real people as characters in the stories. Fanfiction can expand the story world (like sending Katniss into the 76th Hunger Games) or can take known characters in completely new directions (like having Katniss battle it out with Pikachu).

Brave Bold Belle (ft. Liam Payne)

Brave Bold Belle (ft. Liam Payne)

44 parts / 112 pages, updated Feb 28, 2015Pictures
I’ve always been a different kind of girl. That girl whose best friends were books but never kids her age, and who was too smart for her own sake but who w... read more
1,407,860 reads votes 71,159 comments 14,612
Call Boy. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Call Boy. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

29 parts / 83 pages, updated Feb 23, 2015
What's a God to a non believer?
1,433,023 reads votes 57,007 comments 50,201
Dark and Dangerous Love (18+)

Dark and Dangerous Love (18+)

160 parts / 431 pages, updated Feb 28, 2015Video
"Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power." - Oscar Wilde. EARTH: 2438. The world is different now: ruled by a ruthl... read more
89,886,539 reads votes 1,425,457 comments 484,453
Boarding School➢h.s au

Boarding School➢h.s au

12 parts / 21 pages, updated Feb 26, 2015
Set in England 1938. --- Includes mature themes, bad language, daddy kink, age gaps and mention of death. All Rights Reserved, pokemonmiall, 2014-2015 cover credits to kylah @loitering
700,901 reads votes 24,181 comments 11,268
asshole ≫ j.g

asshole ≫ j.g

39 parts / 50 pages, updated Feb 24, 2015Pictures
its funny how sometimes the thing that we love the most can be the thing that kills us
532,299 reads votes 12,937 comments 4,643

6 parts / 26 pages, updated Feb 23, 2015
She needed money and he needed a date.
56,134 reads votes 2,397 comments 1,039
craving - n.j.h

craving - n.j.h

38 parts / 64 pages, updated Feb 26, 2015
"Somehow in this fucked up mess I managed to fall for you."
3,761,636 reads votes 81,318 comments 27,704
Lush Corruption | Harry Styles AU

Lush Corruption | Harry Styles AU

10 parts / 33 pages, updated Feb 23, 2015
Book 2 of the Lush Trilogy (ongoing) | Continuation of Moulin Rouge (Lush Seduction) | When Vicky West is faced with the cold-hearted, and vile behaviou... read more
502,825 reads votes 23,279 comments 8,007
Behind Lights ≫ n.h.

Behind Lights ≫ n.h.

4 parts / 9 pages, updated Feb 26, 2015
He has never seen the splendor of the outdoors or the blinding rays of the sun. He has always lived behind dusty old blinds and antique window frames, subtly ... read more
43,562 reads votes 2,817 comments 1,547
addicted [h.s]

addicted [h.s]

15 parts / 18 pages, updated Feb 26, 2015Pictures
My parents always warned me about the drugs on the streets, but never did they say anything about ones with emerald eyes and a beating heart.
214,910 reads votes 10,026 comments 3,530
Bullied By Luke Hemmings.

Bullied By Luke Hemmings.

44 parts / 124 pages, updated Feb 15, 2015
Being told that you have to tutor your bully never really sounds good. When Caitlyn is told she has to tutor the person who has bullied her for years, how will t... read more
11,664,868 reads votes 247,163 comments 200,082
fanfiction :: ashton irwin

fanfiction :: ashton irwin

46 parts / 83 pages, updated Feb 25, 2015
In which a fan introduces Ashton Irwin to the world of fanfiction.
1,162,128 reads votes 67,395 comments 56,184
untouchable [l.hemmings]

untouchable [l.hemmings]

41 parts / 75 pages, updated Feb 22, 2015Completed
“Fleur, you’re everything I want,” Luke mumbled with a shaky voice, “and possibly even more.”
3,742,142 reads votes 141,108 comments 88,674
The Choice Between {h.s au}

The Choice Between {h.s au}

37 parts / 78 pages, updated Feb 25, 2015
Relationships are complicated, sex is complicated and above all, choices are complicated. This is a story about a boy named Harry and a girl named Blair, a hap... read more
298,330 reads votes 12,205 comments 2,344
vertigo | l.h.

vertigo | l.h.

11 parts / 18 pages, updated Feb 25, 2015
In which a rather uptight girl babysits a child who's older brother happens to be, for a lack of a better word, a huge fuckboy.
193,004 reads votes 10,694 comments 3,977
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