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Fanfiction is writing that remixes characters, places, or plots from existing narratives to tell new, original stories. Existing narratives could mean things like popular books, TV shows, movies, games, comics, or plays. Some types of fanfiction even cast real people as characters in the stories. Fanfiction can expand the story world (like sending Katniss into the 76th Hunger Games) or can take known characters in completely new directions (like having Katniss battle it out with Pikachu).

grey matter [n.h.]

grey matter [n.h.]

8 parts / 23 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
as someone who could read at the level of a well educated adult at age nine, young genius niall is convinced he simply needs intellect to get by in life. however, after m... read more
69,569 reads votes 8,141 comments 10,853
omegle ➳ luke.

omegle ➳ luke.

9 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 15, 2014PG-13
❝hey asl?❞ ❝17 f❞ ❝you horny?❞ ❝ew!!!❞
633,811 reads votes 27,328 comments 13,331
Riptide « Ziall

Riptide « Ziall

14 parts / 25 pages, updated Oct 21, 2014Pictures
Zayn thinks they should wait at least another four years, once they're stable in their careers to start thinking about bringing kids into the picture but Niall wants... read more
86,581 reads votes 4,060 comments 966
nightmare disorder ☹ c.h.

nightmare disorder ☹ c.h.

11 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 21, 2014PG-13
"why is the girl living in 15b always screaming in the middle of the night?" // watch the amazing trailer made by arianataylor2939 on the side // [highest ranking: #2 in short story]
865,792 reads votes 41,571 comments 10,058
Streaker • hemmings a.u

Streaker • hemmings a.u

7 parts / 17 pages, updated Oct 22, 2014
In which a boy with a bad habit of getting himself drunk falls hopelessly in love with a girl that already has a boyfriend
36,852 reads votes 5,138 comments 3,339
Clarity [z.m]

Clarity [z.m]

35 parts / 74 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014Pictures
You don't know what's out in the world, until you witness it yourself. It may be hard to believe, but it becomes something you can't deny. He's not human. He's selfish, cocky ... read more
1,604,112 reads votes 38,698 comments 3,932
Moulin Rouge | Harry Styles AU

Moulin Rouge | Harry Styles AU

41 parts / 117 pages, updated Oct 24, 2014PG-13Video
Vicky West, has always desired to become a dancer at the famed Moulin Rouge club in Los Angeles. Since she was young, she always dreamt of dancing, and singi... read more
2,079,849 reads votes 55,574 comments 20,625


54 parts / 260 pages, updated Oct 19, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Anarchy (noun): a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority The world as we know has been annihilated. War has destroyed the former way of life and govern... read more
6,889,441 reads votes 174,770 comments 103,087
Bullied by them..

Bullied by them..

46 parts / 99 pages, updated Oct 21, 2014PG-13Pictures
Winter Davis? Doesn't sound like the name of someone that get's bullied by 5 boys in particular now does it? Well think again. She was the new girl. She didn't know that o... read more
7,423,324 reads votes 147,307 comments 48,923
target ϟ 5sos

target ϟ 5sos

17 parts / 8 pages, updated Oct 23, 2014
"thank you for choosing target, we'll see you tomorrow."
526,246 reads votes 25,600 comments 10,099
sex addicts || michael clifford

sex addicts || michael clifford

28 parts / 25 pages, updated Oct 20, 2014PG-13
they met at therapy; therapy for sex addicts. || cover by outsides || highest ranks - [fanfiction #21, teen fiction #50] all rights reserved. copyright © 2014 | fallovtboy
1,701,108 reads votes 61,044 comments 31,021 ▲ liam ▲ liam

17 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 24, 2014Pictures
❝what's your name, anon?❞ ❝i'm liam.❞ [ h.r: #9 in ss / #23 in ff ]
78,868 reads votes 9,698 comments 1,343
YouTube ➸ Larry Stylinson

YouTube ➸ Larry Stylinson

50 parts / 84 pages, updated Oct 12, 2014PG-13
where two famous youtubers deal with stolen cars, crazy girlfriends and their crazy fathers, bad music, tea parties, traveling, and quite possibly, falling in love.
1,719,964 reads votes 43,095 comments 28,277
Brave Bold Belle

Brave Bold Belle

9 parts / 19 pages, updated Oct 19, 2014PG-13Pictures
I’ve always been a different kind of girl. That girl whose best friends were books but never kids her age, and who was too smart for her own sake but who would never let... read more
72,574 reads votes 5,615 comments 951
Possessive // Harry Styles

Possessive // Harry Styles

34 parts / 108 pages, updated Oct 23, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Possessive pos·ses·sive adjective 1. demanding someone's total attention and love. But how do you show this love when your possession hates your guts? How do you... read more
2,451,792 reads votes 66,930 comments 35,161
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