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She's a Badass • NaLu • |1st Place in Fairytail_wattys|

She's a Badass • NaLu • |1st Place in Fairytail_wattys|

48 parts / 76 pages, updated May 13, 2015Completed
Book One/ Season One/ Prequel of "The Badass Series/Trilogy" Note: Won 1st place in Fairytail_Wattys in terms of Lucy Ca... read more
159,538 reads votes 7,114 comments 2,210
The chase

The chase

38 parts / 70 pages, updated Mar 08, 2015VideoPicturesCompleted
*SOME CHAPTERS ARE PRIVATE YOU MUST FOLLOW ME TO VIEW THEM* Laith Evans was one of the most popular drug lords in Miami. He had it all,the bitches,the money,cars,clothes,and t... read more
341,763 reads votes 8,151 comments 640
Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

40 parts / 88 pages, updated Mar 18, 2015VideoCompleted
Samantha Peterson has wealthy parents. Her so called friends not only murder her parents, but rob them and become wealthy themselves. Three years after this Samantha return... read more
3,690,430 reads votes 97,424 comments 14,971
Fast Lane (#JustWriteIt)

Fast Lane (#JustWriteIt)

33 parts / 131 pages, updated May 26, 2015PicturesCompleted
In the high profile world of today's hottest young celebrities, five close friends struggle to find balance between their demanding careers and over-privileged life... read more
32,725 reads votes 1,492 comments 790
The Nerd's Secret // Book 1 [EDITING]

The Nerd's Secret // Book 1 [EDITING]

35 parts / 59 pages, updated Mar 04, 2015PicturesCompleted
"I can’t tell anyone how I was kidnapped and raped. How I was used and abused. I certainly can’t tell anyone how I learnt to fight so that I could... read more
907,346 reads votes 26,726 comments 2,615
My Mafia Lifestyle (BWWM).          (ON HOLD) (REWRITING)

My Mafia Lifestyle (BWWM). (ON HOLD) (REWRITING)

1 page, updated May 22, 2015Pictures
Hello this story is being edited so if you do read it which you should not you will be confused. so I suggest put it in your reading list and go... read more
36,223 reads votes 256 comments 48
Living Weapons

Living Weapons

56 parts / 73 pages, updated May 29, 2015
The Living Weapons Project is a secret government initiated experiment. Over 10,000 individuals vanished from their homes in a single night. Out of the thousands that were... read more
5,794 reads votes 534 comments 180
Born From Chaos

Born From Chaos

65 parts / 98 pages, updated May 28, 2015Pictures
#11 Paranormal & #23 Action || Ambulothanatophobia ~ Fear of the living dead. To you, Zombies are nothing more than fables. Creatures made up by Sci-Fi geeks and ... read more
30,846 reads votes 7,452 comments 1,804
Sister Dearest: Book 2

Sister Dearest: Book 2

22 parts / 32 pages, updated May 29, 2015Video
We know Ashley Palmer. We know her mother. We know her boyfriend, her friends. But do we know her siblings? Kira Palmer is now 16 years old. Her family think she h... read more
12,825 reads votes 621 comments 89
Black Out

Black Out

16 parts / 175 pages, updated May 14, 2015Completed
Alexandria Darrow has precious little in this world save for the Foster boys: Ian, 19, Tate, 17, and Micah, 7. They spend their days coping with the hand they've been dealt and ... read more
44,425 reads votes 1,050 comments 484


33 parts / 85 pages, updated Aug 16, 2014Completed
When you're kidnapped, maybe you think you'll find your true destiny in another world (not me), or maybe you'll be kidnapped by One Direction, or something like that (still not ... read more
402,701 reads votes 11,224 comments 3,037


32 parts / 79 pages, updated May 28, 2015
What do you do when your life suddenly turns into a comic book? There are people with superpowers flying around, giant monsters attacking downtown, and a secret society determined ... read more
19,820 reads votes 852 comments 175
Love and Loyalty

Love and Loyalty

32 parts / 38 pages, updated Jan 11, 2014Completed
Asia is a hardworking single mother of a 3 year old just getting out of a bad relationship. She meets Lucas yes "Lu" he is one of the biggest drug lords and is ... read more
439,250 reads votes 9,192 comments 563
The Razed City

The Razed City

23 parts / 37 pages, updated May 22, 2015
"'They have no idea. What... you can do.' Ave walks over to the man, stepping on the fingers of the waiters around us, and puts her heeled foot gently on his injury. ... read more
8,273 reads votes 604 comments 195
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