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Maximum Payback (Helena/Harlena/Sarry Fanfic)

Maximum Payback (Helena/Harlena/Sarry Fanfic)

17 parts / 19 pages, updated Sep 11, 2014PG-13Completed
Its A Team Effort. To Kill. The Enemy Hope you guys enjoy! The description is the next page! :)
1,493 reads votes 126 comments 53
What have I done?!

What have I done?!

6 parts / 4 pages, updated Nov 11, 2011PG-13Video
Once upon a time there was a nice little girl who was acquainted with the nice people we call the Mafia. Her mom is the typical, nice and loving drug addict mother. She ge... read more
1,897 reads votes 67 comments 57
Risky Passion

Risky Passion

23 parts / 64 pages, updated Jun 22, 2014PGPictures
Diana is a girl, who lives in a peace with her parents after they moved from the DC. One day, she woke up and found herself with two foreign men and in weird place. She rece... read more
2,303 reads votes 149 comments 76
Thugs are not mines

Thugs are not mines

6 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 27, 2013PG-13Pictures
2,906 reads votes 53 comments 5
Shadamy story: Dead Rises

Shadamy story: Dead Rises

13 parts / 15 pages, updated Jan 05, 2014PG-13Completed
Friends had came to this country and didn't know a virus was coming in 2 weeks. They've been surviving for 6 months and lost 3 member, the other one didn't dye b... read more
2,171 reads votes 129 comments 34
Forever Alone

Forever Alone

34 parts / 16 pages, updated Apr 27, 2013PG-13Completed
A story about a orphan chloe and her escape plan from murder who wants her whole family dead. She turns to the darkest jobs and the most horrid place to live the streets of ... read more
968 reads votes 62 comments 21
The Blind Side ~Team Crafted FF.~

The Blind Side ~Team Crafted FF.~

24 parts / 13 pages, updated Jul 28, 2013G
A simple girl with no sight who longs to be adopted and reunited with her brother, Bethany. Once she is, she is happy as can be. But she doesn't know is that she's in for the time of her life! EDIT: Over 10,00 reads... I just... What. The. Fuck?
18,731 reads votes 273 comments 188
Is It True? (A Shadow the Hedgehog Love Story) ***ON HOLD***

Is It True? (A Shadow the Hedgehog Love Story) ***ON HOLD***

19 parts / 36 pages, updated Jun 25, 2013PG
Dabria the Hedgehog was fed up with her life; no one appreciated her and made fun of her, even her own family. With all her bad luck, there w... read more
45,267 reads votes 281 comments 173
My sexy kidnapper

My sexy kidnapper

12 parts / 4 pages, updated Nov 20, 2013PG-13
Jade experience of life isn't normal starting in December on her mates 16th birthday everything changesShe will never be the same again
7,025 reads votes 141 comments 24
Insane love (Joker and Harley Quinn)

Insane love (Joker and Harley Quinn)

10 parts / 9 pages, updated Apr 23, 2014PG-13Video
Harleen Quinzel,Doctor at mental asylum ,has to treat the insane murderer, The Joker.But as she sees deeper into his tormented soul ,she begins to fall... read more
1,655 reads votes 45 comments 28


26 parts / 26 pages, updated Oct 26, 2013PG-13Completed
Joyce williams is a teenage girl who has to deal with a life full of drama and school. Her boyfriend joshua is an asshole and when roc see's how bad she's being treated what will he do? In the process will he fall for her?
5,514 reads votes 134 comments 20
Guilty Victim

Guilty Victim

6 parts / 10 pages, updated Oct 08, 2012PG-13
Holly's been brought up by Mark - a guy on completely the wrong side of the law. He's the one keeping her alive but also in immense danger. A move to America for another 'jo... read more
913 reads votes 54 comments 51
A love worth chasing

A love worth chasing

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 07, 2014
668 reads votes 20 comments 7
Coeur de France

Coeur de France

3 pages, updated Jun 29, 2013PG
When five friends go on a trip of a lifetime to Paris, they quickly learn that each of them are not what they seem. As romance and rivalries brew, they must work together to save the Coeur de France. For if the Coeur de France do they.
184 reads votes 9 comments 8
The secret of the ultimate ninja pt 2

The secret of the ultimate ninja pt 2

28 parts / 22 pages, updated May 31, 2013
3,553 reads votes 272 comments 126
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