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Devour|Tokyo Ghoul/Attack on Titan Crossover

Devour|Tokyo Ghoul/Attack on Titan Crossover

26 parts / 101 pages, updated Apr 25, 2015
It's been established over the many years of humanity's era of terror that anything can happen when expeditions take place outside of the wal... read more
7,386 reads votes 235 comments 108
Helplessly Falling in Love. (Creepypasta x Neko!Reader

Helplessly Falling in Love. (Creepypasta x Neko!Reader

20 parts / 27 pages, updated Feb 07, 2015
Normal teenager,normal life...No,wait,scratch that. You were different.ALLOT more different.To be precise,you were a Neko. Half human and ha... read more
3,412 reads votes 97 comments 24


7 parts / 25 pages, updated Mar 25, 2015
Revenge is all she wants. Once a girl of privilege, now a deadly weapon that only years of pain and obsession could create. She's always been the best, an excellent pupil and... read more
1,647 reads votes 67 comments 28
trace  ev-id-ence

trace ev-id-ence

9 parts / 14 pages, updated Feb 06, 2015Pictures
The Cutter. A notorious murderer and drug dealer has stayed hidden from the Law by masquerading under aliases and directing his criminal plans through willing accomplic... read more
1,435 reads votes 63 comments 37
Goddess Of Ice (AoT/SnK x Goddess!Reader) ON HOLD

Goddess Of Ice (AoT/SnK x Goddess!Reader) ON HOLD

10 parts / 16 pages, updated Apr 16, 2015
You: If you could say one last thing to me...what would you say? Eren: We've known each other for forever...and your beauty was something ... read more
3,317 reads votes 89 comments 153
جزيرة الموت

جزيرة الموت

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Feb 11, 2015
يوني...فتاة غنية و جميلة.....عمرها 16 سنة في الثناوية....توفت عائلتها عندما كان عمرها 9 سنوات. في عطلة الصيف قررت ان تسافر. ... read more
804 reads votes 46 comments 35


17 parts / 10 pages, updated Feb 09, 2015Completed
"TELL THEM WHO I AM!!" Jax and Blaise just had their youngest child Nathaniel stolen and the Secret Saviors are going to find their leaders youngest child.... read more
1,631 reads votes 124 comments 42
Demigods go to Hogwarts

Demigods go to Hogwarts

6 parts / 10 pages, updated Apr 09, 2015
This is my first story so sorry if I mess it up! :(What will happen when the most powerful demigods encounter a whole new side of magic? Wizard magic. The Heroes ... read more
833 reads votes 40 comments 15
The Debt Collectors War

The Debt Collectors War

96 parts / 120 pages, updated Dec 18, 2014Completed
Ellie is a soldier in a world without governments. A generation ago, a series of financial crises caused most of the world’s governments to collapse, and left ma... read more
43,085 reads votes 1,177 comments 225
City Slayer

City Slayer

20 parts / 43 pages, updated Feb 05, 2015Pictures
Aj Skydes a boy who was raised in the jungle and a combat professional. He comes to Manila to fight the distortion of the world and search about his parents. Until one ordina... read more
5,588 reads votes 371 comments 358
Titan Slayer

Titan Slayer

11 parts / 36 pages, updated Apr 23, 2015
Titans have been humanity's predators for a hundred years. Humans are weak and unable to fight back without dying. However, a new hope rises from the power of technology. H... read more
1,083 reads votes 65 comments 41
Car Races

Car Races

43 parts / 76 pages, updated Apr 23, 2015
Nova priča. Uživajte ;)
3,703 reads votes 243 comments 165
Death's Perspective

Death's Perspective

7 parts / 15 pages, updated Jan 19, 2015Pictures
Running from a terrifying past can be difficult. Let your imagination fly as you place yourself in the shoes of the main character and experience Death's Perspectiv... read more
836 reads votes 57 comments 53
Please,change Us

Please,change Us

26 parts / 24 pages, updated Apr 18, 2015Pictures
,,Známa skupina One Direction,čo sa to s nimi deje? Rozpadajú sa alebo je to len náš dojem. O Zaynovi nikto po nepočul po tom čo jeho snúbenica Perrie Edwards od neho ut... read more
3,156 reads votes 154 comments 23
Lies of The Heart // Larry AU

Lies of The Heart // Larry AU

27 parts / 26 pages, updated Oct 04, 2014Completed
Harry, the sweet and innocent kid in the back of the room. Straight A student, quiet, never gets in trouble, and is in love with his bully. Louis, your tipical... read more
6,160 reads votes 229 comments 68
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