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Short Stories and (cough) Poems

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RaeKitano By RaeKitano Updated 2 months ago
A collection of short and short-long stories I've written that I'm too lazy to make covers for so I'm going to dump them all here.
And a poem or two (that will quiet likely completely s*ck)
And also most likely all my stories will be manxman (sorry - non LGBT readers)
Nyhterides Nyhterides a year ago
Real nice. Loved how those two little steps were so hard to take and would determine everything.
DarkRiver DarkRiver 3 years ago
Two steps forward but everytime you take them They pull you back against your will
DragonflyKisses DragonflyKisses 3 years ago

Anything can be a poem, Mama.
I remeber reading a poem in Advanced Writing Skills about the author apologizing to his wife for eating the last plum in the refridgerator.

Anything can be a poem.
DragonflyKisses DragonflyKisses 3 years ago
Ahh, how can you say poetry is not your forte?
This is definiately one of the the better poems I have ever read.

I love this so much<3<3
Dragonious Dragonious 3 years ago
Perfect! This was excellent. This had me rolling. :-)

... Wait was this the first one?