Sorry, It's Complicated

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_TheShyAceNerd By _TheShyAceNerd Updated 2 years ago
Adrianna lives a complicated life. 
With the accident taking place on the same day as her weird encounter with a wolf she doesn't know what to make of her life anymore. She thinks of herself to be a normal girl with a somewhat normal life, but what she doesn't know is that it's the complete opposite. As time goes on she finds out the truth about her family as well as everything else. 

How does she react when she finds out about everything that's been kept from her for all this time?
XCandiGurlLuvX XCandiGurlLuvX 3 years ago
@TheShyAceNerd can i make an suggestion. when writing in a certain person's persective you should write lyke this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*Adrianna's P.O.V* then it make's it way easier to understand. other than tht the story is AWSUM! keep updating please