Bullet From A Gun (Criminal Minds)

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SunStorm By SunStorm Updated 2 years ago
Six years ago, the BAU team watched their youngest member fall apart, and now as he grows secretive and distant again, they start to think the worse. Their suspicions get worse when they are called to Las Vegas to assist on a serial killer case and he closes himself off but when Dr. Spencer Reid disappears from his hotel room, the team have to work quickly to find him before they have another body on their hands.
AlyHemss AlyHemss a month ago
This story is so good so far! Ugh, I love Spencer Reid and I can't wait to read this!
NicciJayneDM NicciJayneDM 6 months ago
you are such am amazing author, well done,its such a great story!!!
Imagine_Nerd_Writing Imagine_Nerd_Writing 9 months ago
GOOOOODDDDNESSSSS!!!This is great*clicks vote star*you now have 134 votes
Unicorns_Love_Me Unicorns_Love_Me 9 months ago
Your an amazing author. I have just read the first chapter and I am blown away! This is a great book! As I said before I am a Scriptette (a fan of the Script) and I love Criminal Minds, and I love that song, I love this book!
Unicorns_Love_Me Unicorns_Love_Me 9 months ago
I love that song!!!!!!!!! I love all the Scripts songs, and this is one of my absolute favourites. I also love Criminal Minds, so I have a feeling I will love this book. I love it already!
Sebby_lover00 Sebby_lover00 10 months ago
So....much....detail.....*huge smile breaks out on my face* YOU'RE AN AMAZING WRITER!!!!