Cross My Heart

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TrilliumAngel By TrilliumAngel Updated a month ago

Fynn and Skye are the oddest pair of best friends there ever was. Fynn is crazy and childish while Skye is timid and mature. Since they were kids he's led her into danger and brought out her wild side, but there is always there to catch her when she falls. What will she do when he isn't there to help her back up on her feet? Skye finds their friendship crumbling at her feet until Fynn doesn't seem to be in the picture at all...

Through the years Skye has coped by making new friends, but when she finds herself tangled up in the chains of her less-than-trustworthy crush, she can't seem to find it in her to confide in anyone else. At least, not until Fynn comes back into her life.

-Will probably start editing this sometime... in the future.-
forever_marshmallow forever_marshmallow 6 months ago
Honestly, I think they would've already been on subtraction 2nd grade. (I could be wrong)
KBrazz KBrazz 8 months ago
Oh this sounds so interesting, I cant wait to find out more about this promise! :)
thelovelyreader88 thelovelyreader88 8 months ago
I really liked how you took us back into the past and the amazing details. Can't wait to keep reading and find out what the promise is!! Dying to know
lilbit19 lilbit19 a year ago
i hate thay fynn died, i wish he could have lived, i cried so much, but other than that it was a good book, just wish they could have had a future together
Exposed1 Exposed1 a year ago
I had always wanted a friend who had been with me since kindergarten. is it wrong to say i'm jealous of a fictional character? :P
deanna2235 deanna2235 a year ago
WHATS THE PROMISE? WHATS THE PROMISE?WHATS THE PROMISE? thats all i was thinking the whole time.