Let it Snow

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Reekles By Reekles Updated 3 years ago
A one-off festive holiday romance! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas! x
CookieChomper CookieChomper 4 days ago
I do not want to build a f-ing snowman with you! Go build one yourself!
pandora_101 pandora_101 6 days ago
Omg soo cute <3 wish I could see how they fell in love !! Make a book haha:)
whitcoulls whitcoulls 9 months ago
Doesn’t this have the same title as one of John Green’s books about Christmas?
unlitspark unlitspark a year ago
ah this story never gets old :) I had to re-read it this Christmas as well <3
ocean_ ocean_ a year ago
this is adorable okay. i'm so glad you're writing "deck the halls" right now or else i wouldn't have even though of going back and reading this
JustHazelZaje JustHazelZaje a year ago
Can I just say awe? I mean, this is really cute and sweet. It's something I wanted to do when I got a partner — except there's no snowin' here in my country. Love it!