Plastic Police Badge (A Twilight Fanfic)

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_TillysObsession By _TillysObsession Updated 3 years ago
Charlie Swan, Chief Of Forks Police, Parent, Miserable Bachelor.

Charlies love life was never going to be easy. He can't help but have a little crush on the one woman who's been the nicest to him in a long time, it's not his fault that she's extremely attractive, yet happily married.

Will things work out for poor Charlie, or will he forever be a bachelor?
UnknownBeliever UnknownBeliever 3 years ago
I love the idea, first time for everything and you idea for a Charlie story is fantastic! Love the cover, and im having one of those 'wish i though of it' moments :) *Voted*
staceyy97 staceyy97 3 years ago
First Charlie Swan fan fiction I've seen/read/heard about!! Love your cover by the way Miss New-York-Times-Bestselling-Author!! :D
klikesrose klikesrose 3 years ago
charlie is so cute here. lol This is the first time i've read a fanfic about him and it is really interesting...
SheenaAgarwal SheenaAgarwal 3 years ago
wow! atlast a fanfic thats not on bella and edward! i'd so love to read it! next chapter! *voted
Carla_Meyer Carla_Meyer 3 years ago
This is different...
I would like to see where this goes, though I am a fan of Esme and Carlisle :)
Maybe Charlie could meet another woman? Lol
Great grammar though... **VOTED**
ElectricFantasy ElectricFantasy 3 years ago
Awee poor Charlie : (
Hee hee 
This is good, are you writing more for it?? xD