Forgotten Ties

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_daphne_james By _daphne_james Updated a year ago
No longer available
WhitneyFelske WhitneyFelske 9 months ago
I was wondering when the book was going to come out after it was published I had it on my library for awhile and wanted to read it.
helen12321 helen12321 2 years ago
Please tell me when the book is available for reading here on Wattpad! It sounds like a very interesting book!
flowerbloom172 flowerbloom172 2 years ago
It is a really good story. I feel like this is a TV show except I'm reading it.
Zanydog666 Zanydog666 2 years ago
Great story so far; a unique and thought provoking tale so far.  Just a couple of grammatical mistakes, where you have confused 'too' with 'to' and 'your' with 'you're', but these can be easily solved by a little editing. 
Voted, fanned and looking forward to reading more.
Roscoe_Leroy Roscoe_Leroy 2 years ago
It is a great category :) My story is also here, but in Undiscovered Gems.  I love finding so many great stories all in one place!
Roscoe_Leroy Roscoe_Leroy 2 years ago
Just started reading and am really enjoying it so far. :)  I noticed you're up for a Watty, good luck, this is my favorite in your category so far!