Destiny of Three

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ElleChanter By ElleChanter Updated 2 years ago
Marcus: A head strong leader who has a cocky personality and parents who don't really know him. He's labeled a delinquent at school by the many teachers he annoys.

Annabeth: The smart and complicated one. Her parents died in an accident right after she was born, throwing her around orphanages. 

Hayden: The careful yet reckless one. His mother died when he was a kid, making him a sensitive case.

Together, these three unlikely friends were destined to change destiny.
Maxxyxxx Maxxyxxx 3 years ago
I was thinking the same thing as scarymm, the characters really stick with you. I love the description, and you're writing style, it sounds really professional.
Charmed2013 Charmed2013 3 years ago
This sounds really interesting!! You captured me with in the first two sentences.
JusticeGirl JusticeGirl 3 years ago
The prologue was pretty short, but the topic in general seems very interesting and original! I can't really judge until I read some more.
Madin4567 Madin4567 3 years ago
no, marcus, you're making the wrong choice!!! good thing you have the next  chapter posted ^_^
Madin4567 Madin4567 3 years ago
so now marcus gets a mysterious book with his name in it. just saying, watch out for the 'i', you should capitalize 'em :D to the next chapter!
Madin4567 Madin4567 3 years ago
yay, first review!!!
wow, very suspenseful. a very good prologue ;D but you seem to write in pass tense and present tense...ah, well.