A Bet Made Between 2 Enemies RE WRITING

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_Channy_101 By _Channy_101 Updated 2 years ago
Emily Gordon and Jace Alan have been Enemies since birth when he threw a cookie at her I know ridiculous right, but one night can change everything forever good or bad. They go to a party wrapped up into a stupid bet. A Game of Seduction is this game easy to escape? Nope. One will win while the other will end up heartbroken, or will both end up heartbroken, because of there stupid pride. All there about to find out is A Game of Seduction is never fun in the end. 

A romantic comedy. 

Just read you'll love it at the latest if not then you’re at least like it. Mau kisses for everyone.
skieFortress skieFortress 2 years ago
i'd really like to know when this is re posted....thanks!!!:)
xxDaisyLoveYouxx xxDaisyLoveYouxx 2 years ago
Hi I would like to be told when they are re posted please!! Oh and thankyou in advance! :)
DarkNiteLover DarkNiteLover 3 years ago
I gotta say, this is one of your best stories or the best story out of all you've written