The Lifeless Soul Within Me (SLOW UPLOADS)

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_DeathIsMe By _DeathIsMe Updated 2 years ago
Skylar Bennet never had an easy life. Being a teenage mother who works everyday just to support her and her daughter isn’t easy. With her parents dead and her brother missing, she had no one left in the world but her daughter Ella.

Her past isn’t something you could forget so easily especial when she was kidnapped by werewolves, raped by the Alpha and was able to escape.

Two years later she was able to start her life again with her daughter but what happens when Xavier Ross comes into her life…

What happens when Xavier happens to be a werewolf….

What happened when Xavier happens to be the Alpha….

Join Skylar in her adventure in The Lifeless Soul Within Me
Lovelykisses Lovelykisses 3 years ago
I feel so bad for her... She didn't really have a good life growing up
xXxSweetKissesxXx xXxSweetKissesxXx 3 years ago
I love how Sky is so innocent yet she has that little dark twist....
_isolati0n _isolati0n 3 years ago
sounds good so far, can't wait to read more. wish your chapters were longer thought. good job!
HottieMacHottie HottieMacHottie 3 years ago
I feel sorry for Skylar. She was so young when her life went down hill.... :(