Soccer Love

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_xXJGLXx By _xXJGLXx Updated 6 months ago
Soccer Love is a story about a girl on a coed soccer team (But she is the only girl). She is like one of the guys, she hangs out with them, she jokes with them, she even has sleepovers with them! But, that's probably why, over time, one (or more :D) of them falls in love with her. You will never guess who it is!
AwesomeAdriana AwesomeAdriana 6 months ago
I was wondering why is she on the team if she admits she's not good at soccer? If it sounds offensive I apologize but I was just curious
aneclarice aneclarice a year ago
Well watching a sex scene and someone  would ask u 'sooooo?' Well that's  awkward! Haha