John the Ripper

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GothBird659 By GothBird659 Updated a year ago
Autumn Summers was an ordinary fourteen year-old high school girl with an obsession with Jack the Ripper. She wasn't the most popular person at Hilltop, but she didn't really care. Overall, her life was pretty normal until a fateful day that would haunt her dreams for many years to come. 

Trapped in school with a copycat murderer, everything was about to change. Can she find out who the killer is, before she and everyone in the group of fifteen pupils are killed?
AndyNikaRoelofsz AndyNikaRoelofsz 2 years ago
I have the book
The mammoth book of Jack the ripper 
It's really interesting and it gives you different theories of Jack the ripper
ieatyourcookie ieatyourcookie 3 years ago
Really good start! I saw no mistakes! and the cover is awesome!
KellyKohler KellyKohler 3 years ago
Very intriguing...makes the reader want to continue...the detail was good, but I could see you writing more detail to capture the audience even more then you did. Great story so far :) xo
GothGirl69 GothGirl69 3 years ago
@jcisneros12 @cjmac2029 @Tiffany1996 @MissAuthor2B @LittleMissKeeper 

Thanks for the comments guys :-) We're planning to continue the story after Easter so don't worry!
MissAuthor2B MissAuthor2B 3 years ago
I wanna read it!!! Studied Jack The Ripper last year in history so I wanna see what happens next in your story =D x
Tiffany1996 Tiffany1996 3 years ago
The starts good but need to update : GIVE NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE