Dragon's Return

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_ShadowSheWolf By _ShadowSheWolf Updated 2 years ago
It seemed like she finally escaped it all, like her past was finally put behind her. Like she would be able to live a normal life--but how could she, with what she was? Yet it would be better than what she had came from. She tried to forget it all, the demons that haunted her then and still did now. Things never work as such for Singa, though. When she comes across what could be the possible fate for all of her kind, it is time that she returns. Her kind needed her. The war still raged. It just wasn't ever going to end.
Dragoness Dragoness 2 years ago
Love, love, love it! Not many people write stories in dragon pov but I love them! Gonna add this to my library =D
AuroraRobinson AuroraRobinson 2 years ago
@BlueFire99 you should read "Age of Fire" its in dragon POV and is found in most bookstores/libraries.I loved it and it is much more well written than this.
slightly_mental slightly_mental 2 years ago
This reminds me a little of Eragon. And Dragonheart as well. I love them both, so you can imagine the stong feelings I have towards this. :)
Ali103 Ali103 3 years ago
this is interesting.... i really like dragon stories and this a really good one.......very nice job!!!
Fictionwritter Fictionwritter 3 years ago
This is really good and long!!  :D  I love your names!!!  and it's in a dragon POV!!