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jmreynolds8781 By jmreynolds8781 Updated 2 years ago
A young girl walking innocently down the beach... When she hears a strange noise. She follows the sound and try to discover where the noise is coming from. A drunk fourteen year old. He duck tapes her mouth and ties her hands and feet. He rapes her and doesn't even know what he's done the next day...
kat13hy kat13hy 15 days ago
I like this story. keep writing guuurrrl. don't let no one get to u. its wat ur writing if they don't like it they can gtfo. but they obviously like it if there still commenting.
Funny_Notice Funny_Notice 24 days ago
Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate
Heartbreakers gonna- Oops sorry. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to add: no one even asked for your opinion... So why bother?
Exactly! NOW STOP WITH THE FRICKIN' HATE! God, how would you feel if someone was hating on you all the damn time, huh?! And don't say you wouldn't care because you and I both know that it WILL catch up with you eventually.
darcyboyd darcyboyd 2 months ago
@fairyfresh you are just jealous that she or he is a better writer than you
TellyGeiser TellyGeiser 2 months ago
Ya, it surprises me how many people cam be so insensitive. I'm gonna follow u as well, because you're actually nice enough to stand up for her