Dark and Dangerous Love (18+)

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"Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power." - Oscar Wilde.

Year 2438. The world is different now: ruled by a ruthless and merciless monster.

All Evelyn Blackburn wanted was freedom. 

But how could you escape from the oldest vampire in existence and the King of the most powerful race ever to walk the Earth...?

The tables have turned. 

Vampires had risen from the night to rule the planet that was theirs to control from the beginning

The 25th Century was an era of hierarchy, prejudice, greed and suffering.

She was a rose, stuck between thorns.

The tall, dark and handsome King with no soul, no compassion, no capability to love and appreciate; a man who was obsessively possessive.

A charming Lord, with captivating green eyes, a kind soul, tousled dark hair and a dimpled smile shall tug at your heart strings.

The childhood sweetheart, the man whom Evelyn believed was the one for her, the man she shall marry... Until Fate intervened.

(Contain explicit violence and sexual nature: read at your own risks."
abbierains07 abbierains07 2 days ago
Everything that you've ever dreamed of, disappearing when you wake up
Nigga eat some nutella cuz that attitude ain't working ✋ (but u cute tho)
Oooh...I thought he would jump at her and be like 'VAS HAPPENIN'
AracelisSepulveda AracelisSepulveda 2 days ago
Anyone's who under 13 ands been on watt pad has problaly read worse. I'm just being honest
kissincarter kissincarter 2 days ago
@EMY_PoO rite! id be like "yes daddy im sorry it wont happen again now lets settle this with a heat male out session " lol
EMY_PoO EMY_PoO 3 days ago
He basically just informed you of the fact that you are his bîtch now... Why you complainin?