How to love (Blake Griffin FanFiction)

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_Ballerchick_32 By _Ballerchick_32 Updated 6 months ago
His smile charmed me, I could identify every word he said, his voice was deep and effectuating. His heart was big, fragile, and scared. So was mine. That's why our love was dangerous but you can't learn from a mistake and unless you make it. My name is Gia, and I fell in love with Blake Austin Griffin. -We were similar, very similar. From the time I met her, I knew she wasn't like the other girls. She caught me with her sense of humor and outgoing personality. I usually don't see those things in girls, but I saw it in her. Seen what has happened in her past has made me want to treat her like a princess. Only problem, I'm Blake griffin, and I have a hard time keeping both eyes on a girl. But something about Gia Blanco Williams has me tied down.

 !Hello fellow reader, thanks for reading my story. I want to apologize for my horrible writing in the first couple of chapters. This story is under editing so ill fix my errors as I go but thank you for reading and enjoy! -Ballerchick)
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