All I Want is You

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Inahan86 By Inahan86 Updated a year ago
Past experience has thought her to be stronger and dependent. She has worked hard to ensure she has a better life so that she will not be humiliated and insulted by the rich again. However, after meeting with Leo Hendricks again 8 years later her world began turning upside down. Could Luna ever resist what her heart actually wants?
She has broken his heart and betrayed his love in the past but even though 8 years has passed he’s still unable to forget her. He came back to her life in attempt to revenge for what she had done to him. But can Leo ever resist what his heart wanted?
This is a story about Love between two degrees... Love story between rich guy and poor girl... How their differences have come between them making them fall apart... They meet again 8 years later and they both are successful and famous but the old wound still not fully healed. Will they be able to forgive and forget and follow what their hearts desire?
TheLiesTheyTell TheLiesTheyTell 2 years ago
@YeniferSalguero you too? glad to see someone agree with me! i like to see first pov a lot!! with a switch between the guy and the girl!
RomanticPanda RomanticPanda 2 years ago
aww love the story so far, but sadly i don't like it in the third omniscient pov :(
discodog01candy discodog01candy 3 years ago
More work on the technical side of writing. Check your idioms and stick to one tense.
fallen979 fallen979 3 years ago
Love it, I really liked the chemistry between them; it had that 'love at first sight' cheesy cliche about it! X
milkshake22 milkshake22 3 years ago
ohhh...poor Leo i feel sorry for you almost knew who she is and it's all your MOTHER'S  fault