Fistful of Reefer

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LostDMBFiles By LostDMBFiles Updated 2 years ago
A spaghetti-Western, refried alternate history, Fistful of Reefer features goats, guns and the camaraderie of outcasts. Set along the Texas border during the waning years of the Mexican revolution, you'll meet a group of unlikely heros and their unlikely foe as they stumble upon the fringes of a cabal bent on world domination. Fistful lives between No country for Old Men and the Three Amigos.
Love a good western.  This had a lot of great imagery and dialogue.  Voted for it.
DavidJThirteen DavidJThirteen a year ago
Very interesting setup - I can't wait to see where it goes.

I really loved the mood you achieved and the sense of place.   The whole spaghetti western vibe is brilliant.
NLampeter NLampeter 2 years ago
May I suggest my yet-to-be-completed work, 'Jeremy Of The State'? Your opinion would not only be appreciated, it would be valued.
NLampeter NLampeter 2 years ago
Your writing style is right up my street, hombre. Really great stuff.
Cobloro Cobloro 2 years ago
@TheOrangutan No doubt, I will I love his style. I just started his story.
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan 2 years ago
@ThomasBerryman - I'm a bit of a fan of David's work, well worth a read if you haven't already =]