Rose Kelly and the Prince of Slytherin(a Draco Malfoy love story)

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FiFiBelles By FiFiBelles Updated 2 years ago
Could every bodies favourite bad boy fall in love???.....
His grey eyes bore into mine.... and then he was gone... xx

Rose Kelly, a girl originally from Ireland goes to Hogwarts to discover her magical powers. There is never a dull day in Hogwarts.
Follow Rose through Hogwarts, and witness the events in her life while she is at Hogwarts, from her point of view.
_killerqueen_ _killerqueen_ 3 years ago
this is a great start i really like it. off to read the next one :) im also doing a fan fic. it's a druna love story. draco and luna hehe
Chrissyxx Chrissyxx 3 years ago
i do like how you write and i like how your progressing with the story :D
Chrissyxx Chrissyxx 3 years ago
i like how you write! cant say whether i like the story or not yet as there is not enough content yet :D