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I_Hit_That By I_Hit_That Updated 2 years ago
The thoughts of a suicidal troubled teen.
l3amaangel l3amaangel 8 months ago
@Starbuckgal22 you NEVER say this to anybody weather you are just kidding or being forreal! With those words you could have just cost someone their life!
Starbucksgal22 Starbucksgal22 11 months ago
*Snore* *Snore* This bored me, because, oh wait, I've seen hundreds of other poems just like this! :D
Yep, you're suicidal...that's nice. If you're not going to actually do it, then don't keep us in suspense.
DarkBlue1292 DarkBlue1292 a year ago
That was fantastic. You put some of my feelings into words. Great job!
alltimec4ts alltimec4ts a year ago
@suicidalbitch12345 you don't do it again and fight harder and longer, that's what.
katieofficial katieofficial 2 years ago
Oh my god, I cried, I'm not gonna lie. I love this so much, I don't know why, but I do.