Girl Racer [On Hold]

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_aridoe By _aridoe Updated 2 years ago
Life isn't so easy when you don't have your mum around and you have to keep moving around the country, but living with your dad and brother has its perks. Having a dad who works with cars, 17 year old Mia is not your typical teenager, she's a 'grease monkey' or a 'tom boy' as some people like to tag. She has a passion for street racing and is well good at it, but when overprotective dad doesn't want Mia to race and older brother Jason doesn't want her to talk to the hunky street racer boy, Trent. When things get heated up will Mia listen to her family or will she go to extremes to race? Will she also change people's stereotypical views about girl's racing?
SamanthaJones559 SamanthaJones559 2 years ago
Keep on updating this story is telling the my life exactly I drive racecar a cuz of my dad except I drive the NASCAR kind but keep updating
bardicinnature bardicinnature 2 years ago
I never read any racing stories, this is a first! :D There are many infos in here, though I like that. I would like to see many cars and action in the next chapters  to come. This is an absolute thrill ride! Reading on....
RomanceChica RomanceChica 2 years ago
Lucky! i want a car! So happy that you decided to write a action romance! your idea is very original so im pretty sure that it will get a lot of notice from readers on wattpad! Love racing!
xXNightAndDayXx xXNightAndDayXx 2 years ago
Aw they have a nice relationship :D This is a good chapter and seems interesting, keep writing! :D
LightInTheDark26 LightInTheDark26 2 years ago
I wish I had a brother and dad like that, Lol.
I love cars!! And I love car racing and just because she's a girl doesn't mean she can't race! 
Good chapter, voted!
BoOkXxXlUvA BoOkXxXlUvA 2 years ago
lolt this is really good!! VOTED!!