I met him on the balcony

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SandraCorton By SandraCorton Updated 9 months ago
Lucy is a normal girl, living in a small country town who never figured that the guy she met was famous. Yes she broke into his room to sit quietly and read but she never knew that the perfect guy, one Ash Martin that she met that night could change her life forever. The only problem is he's keeping his big secret to himself. When she does find out all she can wonder is will their realtionship survive his fame?
purplepeach222 purplepeach222 17 days ago
Oh hold mah poodle!!!Mama bout to go all baseball on his arse!!!
norwegiangirl norwegiangirl 6 months ago
Yes! another good awesome and well written book! Something tells me i will stay up all night reading:P
Kadzbookaholic Kadzbookaholic 8 months ago
I like a female protagonist who isn't afraid to kick ass, lol. This has real potential
BriannaYoon BriannaYoon 10 months ago
okay i just love lucy! i love her character so much :) such awesome confidence
JxuanIrishLeprechaun JxuanIrishLeprechaun 11 months ago
lJ is short form for lan jiao --  penis in a Chinese dialect
_My_Hero_ _My_Hero_ 11 months ago
haha i find this funny how martin james is a famous ballet dancer.