The Bang Bang Effect (Watty Awards 2011)

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candybanapple By candybanapple Updated a year ago
When you're Bianca Lee, trouble happens to become your shadow. For any normal person, taking a turn into a dark alleyway would be a quick shortcut but not for a girl like Bee. You could only count on her to run into a gangs formation not having the slightest idea of the problems she would attract to herself. However, problems aren't the only things she attracts. Take a certain badass gang personnel and add that to the catastrophe we call Bianca and the result will be the Bang Bang Effect.
(VOTE!! uh huh)
Alyssa545 Alyssa545 2 days ago
\( . . )/ you are just a lil bit thick. even tho you aint real. but.nevermind.
Alyssa545 Alyssa545 2 days ago
-_- u kidding me right now. thats her death sentence right there.
LatreyzaFala LatreyzaFala 2 days ago
everyone knows not to go through the alleyway at night unless your selling drugs and u have a weapon with you than your fine
stormcloud1716 stormcloud1716 13 days ago
*hears male laughter in a dark alley* OH maybe they can give me directions!!
belle-rose belle-rose 2 months ago
Exactly. They shouldn't expect too much. We have talents, but that doesn't have to be math, right? That doesn't mean we're stupid.

My math teacher : Can you solve this question?
Me : *blank stare* 

Me : I can draw.