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_liquorhearts By _liquorhearts Updated 2 years ago
What would you do if the one you love doesn't remember who you are everyday?
Daisy is in love with Spencer, but he can't remember that they are a couple. Daisy recounts the days of their relationship, and the crazy things she does to get him to fall in love with her over and over and over again.
Younight Younight 2 years ago
the beginning sort of sounds like the new movie Remember Sunday
noelmc noelmc 2 years ago
when i saw the cover i didnt know how they did that was the girl upside down? Then i realized that it was just sideways me and my friend cracked up for like 5 minutes
vampsarereal vampsarereal 2 years ago
Love this story soo much its coming to an end so sad ;( but I'll entertain myself with your other stories!
Drae089 Drae089 2 years ago
Omg i love this story i wish the updates were more frequent i hate being left in the dark.
NutellaIsMyAir NutellaIsMyAir 2 years ago
isnt this a bit like 50 first dates? im just judging by the little prewview thing.
iAMaHARRYgirl iAMaHARRYgirl 2 years ago
one direction are the sexiest most amazing dorks that have ever lived (: and thats all i have to say on the subject