Dragon's Prize (Book 2; Sequel to Dragon's Treasure)

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Maya_2011 By Maya_2011 Updated 9 months ago
Sequel to Dragon's Treasure. 

It is highly recommended you read Dragon's Treasure first.

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Kayashi_and_Sollux Kayashi_and_Sollux 2 months ago
THIS IS LIKE AOT! Maybe his human body was hiding in his dragon body all along!
africanwarrior454 africanwarrior454 2 months ago
I'm imagining Delilah's mother as Mother Gothel from Tangled!
Munchkintigerlord Munchkintigerlord 3 months ago
Tangled, anyone? And AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! To you too! What? Did she just orgasm to death?
Anonymues Anonymues 5 months ago

Uh oh. 

I have a bad feeling. 

What if Kaden comes back and misunderstands Olivia's "relationship" with Maggot? Oh dear.
Anonymues Anonymues 5 months ago
I'll just have to AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa! Okay. So...are you done now?