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The Guardians: Forever Falling

3 Part Story 1.8K Reads 60 Votes
crazycleo398 By crazycleo398 Updated 2 years ago
Alexis Winter's parents died when she was little leaving her with her grandmother, Grace. One day after getting home late she finds the antique shop trashed and her grandmother gone. She sets off on an amazing journey along with a mysterious red wolf; together they unlock  a whole new world that shouldn't be real. Does Lexi belong in it or are some secrets better left hidden.

Leo Anderson has a secret. He is an shifter, or a werewolf. On a patrol one day he meets his mate, a beautiful girl taking shelter from a storm. He fallows her and realizes that his new mate is in grave danger. Hunters are searching for her and have already taken her grandmother. In the form of his wolf they take off, but how long can Leo keep from telling Lexi what he is and how he really feels about his new mate.

Together they find out what the hunters are searching for. Will they be able to stop them in time? Join Lexi and Leo as they push life and love to the limits and find out what sacrifice truly means.
UnicornsFood47 UnicornsFood47 2 months ago
I LOVE IT. just no I'm a mostly silent reader so when I speak up its only nexus I love it. !!!! AND I LOVE IT
FakingBritish FakingBritish 2 years ago
Oh my gosh this is so good!! Please write more!? Do you know when the next chapter will come out of your story?
TrazaniceScott TrazaniceScott 2 years ago
hi,i really like it so far.i can share your story with some of my friends,they love a good werewolf story ^_^. keep up the good work.
Soulshifter2love Soulshifter2love 2 years ago
Ooh, can't wait till the next chapter! Hope the hunters didn't get the girl first....