Heaven Is Mine

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nigerianskank97 By nigerianskank97 Updated 3 years ago
{Book One In The 'Heaven Is Mine' Trilogy} Alexis Natasha Davies or 'Andy' as her friends like to call her has a normal life. Wonderful best friends and the perfect boyfriend. But when the new guy comes into town Andy realises that there are strange people in Louisiana and they are all part of a supernatural battle that has been going on for centuries. When Andy finds out she plays a major role in the outcome, will she able to handle the pressure and survive all the obstacles that come her way??
DreamingNightmares DreamingNightmares 2 years ago
Very interesting, it is really good!! You have got me hooked on the story already!!
KamikazeKid KamikazeKid 3 years ago
Hmmm Aaron is an intriguing character. I am curious to see how future chapters develop!
KamikazeKid KamikazeKid 3 years ago
Short and sweet to keep me on edge?! I will keep reading on this one for sure, i am interested :)
ACRL37 ACRL37 3 years ago
This is pretty interesting! The start is a bit cliche but other than that, good job =)