The Other Potter and The Girl Rejected from her Family

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secret_ninja By secret_ninja Updated 9 months ago
Not everyone knows that Draco Malfoy has a sister; not everyone knows that Lucius Malfoy had a daughter; not everyone knows of the constant abuse she received. Apparently Albus Dumbledore knows though, so she’s brought to Hogwarts. Follow Willow Malfoy as she struggles to find her way as a small girl in a big school. Will she make it through the year? Well, duh, because there are six books following this. BOOK TWO is here:
_Purple_Sweater_ _Purple_Sweater_ 2 months ago
@irish_eagle I know right?I love this series so fudge puddles much!
kennythedrummer kennythedrummer 2 months ago
I've never read or have seen any of the Harry Potter books or movies, will I still be able to understand what's going on and still be able to follow? Lol or should I watch the movies...? Haha
irish_eagle irish_eagle 5 months ago
This is my second time reading the whole series! You guys will absolutely love them! Best time of my life!!
llamalemon llamalemon 6 months ago
I laugh harder everytime I read this series. I love it  I need to laugh more often.
HogwartsChic HogwartsChic 7 months ago
Man, I'm so behind, all seven stories already made! I got some reading to do!
Rebecca4eva Rebecca4eva 9 months ago
I love the update! It's made it way better! (Which is saying something, as I loved this book before)