Cry Wolf

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_TeaLeaves By _TeaLeaves Updated a year ago
Hurled into a world of guns, gangs, and gore, what's a girl to do?

Stevie Cartwright is about to find out. 

Her childhood friends, Jasper and Oliver, have changed beyond repair, and now they need her help.

With a rift between them, can she see past it all to help save lives?

One man's legacy left to a golden son proves the catalyst for a world of breakdown.

A war is raging and the fate of thousands is shoved into the hands of a troubled warrior, a reluctant leader, and a naïve pacifist – how far, really, can this teen trio go to save their town?
AllYouNeedIsBlood AllYouNeedIsBlood a year ago
I like this so far, it seems different. I love the opening, it is fantastic!
ozegovichb ozegovichb 2 years ago
i love how this started! everyone has done a thumb war so you can really get into what is going on with the character!
sim153 sim153 2 years ago
wow the start is awesome just keep going i hv a feeling dis stories gona b great! ;) xx
forgetnames forgetnames 2 years ago
I think this has to be the best hook I've ever read o.O or at least up there X) definitely  reading more during my free time! :D
possumbooks possumbooks 2 years ago
excellent start! loved the way the speech drew me into the story. well done!
Ronak15 Ronak15 2 years ago
Awesome start! I liked the beginning and the last line. Its entertaining and I am heading on :)