Living with the Dead (Vampire Diaries) *ON HOLD*

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_Winter12Summer By _Winter12Summer Updated 2 years ago
Carlie is 14, and she's a witch. She's been living with Damon and Stefan for the past 100 years. Why? Her parents were killed in a vampire killing spree. They were killed by vampire hunters, if you didn't get the memo. Damon is making Carlie go to school with Stefan for his own good. That's the least of Carlie's problems. Damon wants to get his true love Katherine Pierce out of the tomb she's been in for the last couple of centuries. But the problem is, there are 26 hungry vampires in there with her. If Damon let's her out, Mystic Falls will be a human buffet for them. How will things go? Can Carlie and her friends save Mystic Falls before it's too late?
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