My Mate, My Teacher, A Dominant Alpha

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_1995girl By _1995girl Updated 2 years ago
"And where do you think you're going, my tiny Jenny?" Mr.Huts asked with a rough tone as he slammed the door shut. I turned around, seeing my teacher slowly getting his shirt off with a hard face. "Mr.Hunts. I need to go home. My parents will be waiting_" "No! You are not leaving me. Besides, I already called your parents. They think you have a trip for a week," he said with a smirk as he interrupted me, getting closer to me. "What do you think you're doing to me, Mr.Hunts?" I asked, getting angry for the first time. Every day, every time, Mr.Hunts just traps me in his eyes as if he owns me. He smirked as he bent down, his manly smell hitting me hard, making me hold a pleased gasp. His lips twitched to a smile as if he knew what he was doing to me. "I'm making you mine now. Sorry, my tiny Jenny." And before I could say anything, he ripped my top off as his teeth sunk just between me neck and my chest, making me numb as my body weakened in his dominant arms, holding me tight. I felt tears come out. I didn't know what was happening to me. Why did he bite me? I struggled in his muscled arms, but I felt like my body was too weak to move by itself. "Shh," Mr.Huts said as his lips conncected with my neck, slowly going down and down until my body vibrated with pleasure even though I was getting weak. "You don't need to be scared, my little Jenny. Just remember that you belong to me now, only me," and with those firm yet gentle words, my body and mind went into total unconciousness as his lips kissed my lower part harder before holding me tight, making me feel protected and complete.
LoudjieTheodore LoudjieTheodore a year ago
Word!!!!! . We'll probably fail the class promised stay In there. Longer. xD
AmandaFlowz AmandaFlowz 2 years ago
I think the story is great. Maybe check the spelling a little? It kind of threw me off. But loved the sexual stuff. Keep it up!
ironyisironic ironyisironic 2 years ago
You need an editor. The spelling and grammer mistakes were a total turn-off.
4150star 4150star 2 years ago
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miminivin6718 miminivin6718 2 years ago
if i am not mistaken its been almost 3 mos. since the last upload. just wanna ask when will be the next? im really waiting for it. I love your book! :)
amimikey amimikey 2 years ago
@bonnieiloveyou4 haha I love it :D I admit this book make me blush..a lil bit hehe :P