Best Friends- Chase and Ashlyn's story (Prequel to My Best Friend is a Vampire)

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BrittanyLeigh8 By BrittanyLeigh8 Updated 2 years ago
See what Chase and Ashlyn's freindship was like before Chase was a vampire back when Ashlyn and Chase were best friends. (Short Story)
ashlee365 ashlee365 a month ago
@T_AngelWings  I know right I wish I had some one like that but now that I'm in 8th grade I do
Miss-NOT-Understood Miss-NOT-Understood 3 months ago
Aaw! That's so cute! Year 3s (Grade 4s in America) are a pain in the ass normally, but this is just adorable!
CookiesncremeHershey CookiesncremeHershey 5 months ago
@anykabrown how exactly did you get desperate from what he said?? -_-
CookiesncremeHershey CookiesncremeHershey 5 months ago
it's funny how parents don't understand how it is in school for their children
BishYouMadOrNahh BishYouMadOrNahh 5 months ago
Aww :), he felt the love/soul mate connection ever since fourth grade. TOO SWEET!
whisper_louder whisper_louder 11 months ago
Those boys were just jealous that they couldn't be cool!