The Dragon's Claim

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"You're an arrogant jerk and I hate you," Scarlett spat, stepping closer to him. His  violet eyes flashed with anger but as soon as it came, it left; the familiar arrogance Scarlett hated replacing it. "Oh really," he started pinning her against a wall with his arms. "Well you're just going to have to learn to love me because you're never going to leave." 

With her mother being a head detective and her father a booming business man, Scarlett quickly learned how to grow up alone and help herself. She didn’t need anyone taking care of her; she was a big girl. With graduation on the horizon, Scarlett is fully focused on making a life for herself, doing what she wants when she wants. Everything changes though when a man shows up at her door. With his arrogant personality and deep smirk, Scarlett instantly hates him. Her hatred for this man only escalates when he claims that she belongs to him; her distant parents going along with it. She quickly finds herself thrown into a world she didn’t even know existed. Join Scarlett as she struggles to find her place in her new life and deal with the Dragons claim.
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omg me too I read the rest of this same story ...did u decide yo do it all over again but I seriously want to read the rest please
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what happened to the rest of it? I remember reading this awhile ago..please add more I miss the story
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*cries*  her account was deleted... I just wish she would put it up on her new account ...
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I feel the exact same way.   was a lot more and it's give add im left mad because it wasn't finished :/
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I read this story a while ago..what happened to the other parts? and totes update :)