Killjoys by Day, Black Paraders by Night

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EmberWolf By EmberWolf Updated 2 months ago
What happens when the members of My Chemical Romance are killed in a car crash and are transported to a strange world that changes? They are reunited with an old band mate, meet a few new friends, and fight to go back home. But will they go back when the time comes, or will they chose to stay with their friends in these new, strange worlds
nutellastickz nutellastickz 4 months ago
I have a few: Toxic Insanity, Chemical Killer, Aluminum Bullet, Electric Heart and Silver Skeleton
TheMadCheshireRoo TheMadCheshireRoo 5 months ago
*is back hip hip hooray and Burt :), this is my kind of party... High speed internet and strong coffee.*
therevengepanda therevengepanda 2 years ago
@emberwolf alright i read it i cant believe people copy it without permission thats just crap! also i love ur killjoy name!
CarabellaIero CarabellaIero 2 years ago
Hey fellow Killjoys! Read my book 'The Life Of A Young Killjoy' Thanks it means a lot :3 Poison Ivy x
SexyDogBuns SexyDogBuns 2 years ago
@EmberWolf YES! :D

Bhaha and you need more characters eh?
*raises hand with a derp face*
this is amazing!! XD the conept just... howd you come up with it?! i love it so much! XD