The Girl with the Broken Smile... (Neji Hyuga love story)

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MidniteXwolf By MidniteXwolf Updated a year ago
what happens if you go to sleep and dream of a wanderful guy that you dont know the name to? well that is Sophie, her parents are gone, and now she has to take care of her little sister by herself. But they get taken in by the Hyugas, and Sophie sees the guy from her dreams.... this is going to be one complicated love.......
Sushilover978 Sushilover978 4 months ago
Thankyou so much for making a neji fanfic!!!! he's my favorite character in naruto and there's never any fanfics with him
tuiboog tuiboog a year ago
I luv neji I actually would date him instead of sasuke cuz at lest he isnt a bucket full of crazy....nejirules
TribalWolf TribalWolf a year ago
I think neji is awesome and that there needs to be more stories about him he deserves the credit! :3
@Carpathian_Princess I know rite?! well i'm gonna post my neji love short story on wattpad soon. yaay!!!
NEJI!!!! major fan!!! I love his silence and well every thing!!!^^*fangirl screaming*
GirlDirectioner99 GirlDirectioner99 2 years ago
Omg i love this story i love neji he is one of my fave charters thannk you for making this story :-P