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CiekaMalfoy By CiekaMalfoy Updated 2 years ago
A girl was born to suffer about something she haven't done.
sara_claire sara_claire 2 years ago
Shocks! Bakit di pde magdouble vote!!!! di triple vote!!! This is the best ever!!!! @_@ naengget naman ako,,,,:"<....
sara_claire sara_claire 2 years ago
WOW. Breathless. 0-0 Hooked. Whoa. Whoa. Go Kababayan!!! Nagulat ako! Pilipino ka pala!!! Proud naman ako!!! GAAALINNNG!!! >.<
xxMNExx xxMNExx 2 years ago
kaloka. I remember that movie and THAT SONG!!!!!! kinikilabutan ako grabeh. this poem... wow, awesome! astig! thank God, may araw pa dito kundi makikitabi ako sa parents ko matulog. hahaha
writer_kuno writer_kuno 2 years ago
I guess tonight's gonna be a sleepless night. Why did I ever read this??? But then again, it was so nice! :)
girlinparis girlinparis 3 years ago
Nakakatakot naman lalo na pag pinilay yung song sa gilid .. haha
OhMyLoki017 OhMyLoki017 3 years ago
All I can say is WOW that was brilliant!! I'm not joking usually I don't read these sort of stories but yours was fantastic :) You should really do another Xx