Teenage Love {Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction}

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Directionlover123 By Directionlover123 Updated 18 days ago
Paeton has been best friends with Louis Tomlinson. Due to the fact she was born in the USA and had to move to Doncaster. Where her parents work with Louis' parents. After Louis tried out for the X-Factor Paeton hasn't been in touch with him. Just as she sees him at her school and runs up to her and gives him the biggest hug. But then things start breaking from there...
xAmorVeex xAmorVeex 3 years ago
@Directionlover123 Uhh yesh, yesh u do. 
xAmorVeex xAmorVeex 3 years ago
@Directionlover123 Well I dont have either so haha suck on that (: 
xAmorVeex xAmorVeex 3 years ago
@Directionlover123 Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this story cuz ur a good writer and u know the other reason (;
1Dneedisaymore101 1Dneedisaymore101 3 years ago
nawww thats cute, but im a little confused did he remember her and was joking or what? other than that awesome! :D
DontCallMeMaybe DontCallMeMaybe 3 years ago
Lol thank you for dedicating this to me! I really like the book so far (:
CarrotGoddesses CarrotGoddesses 3 years ago
OMG IM IN LOVE!!!!! This book shot me out of the sky!!!!! Bahahshah I'ma dork..... REALH GOOD THO!!! UPDATE SOON!!!
<3 Lauren