The Prophecy of Legacy

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_WattTeam By _WattTeam Updated 2 years ago
And though most of the inhabitants of Jiwenia have forgotten all about their protectors, the Sages, they will soon come to realize, without them, their world will be destroyed.

Ashe is a street rat, a squatter, a vagrant. Ashe seems quiet and mysterious. Ashe is the Fire Sage, only she doesn’t know. The Sages have protected the people of Jiwenia for centuries but now someone is trying to wipe them out. Thing is he’s starting with the most powerful and the only one who doesn’t know of her power, Ashe. Ashe is then thrown into a world where she no longer knows who to believe and what to believe. And when a tyrant so powerful arises she must decide if she wishes to choose the side of those who wanted her people dead.
actresswriter24 actresswriter24 2 years ago
I loved the uniqueness and style that you write with! definitely got my vote (:
RachelMacintyre RachelMacintyre 2 years ago
This is  a fantastic start. You've wrote the history so well and it flowed nicely I'm hooked. I love the concept so much. Reading on! Voted! xx
wishingwellforme wishingwellforme 2 years ago
Wow, I love Fantasy. This seems like an interesting book.  Good start. Voted.
VanillaIceCake VanillaIceCake 2 years ago
I have to say your plot is unique! Though, did you get any inspiration from any myths? I'm just wondering. Anyway, beautiful prologue and I want to see where this heads, which I will. Voted. Also like your little percentages at the end . Other whooo!!
PupsRfun124 PupsRfun124 2 years ago
Really good! The plot seems interesting. I love fantasy so I did enjoy this. Great names too! It is very unique. Keep up the good work!
LandShark LandShark 2 years ago
I really like fantasy, so this book was spot on. Great job:)