Bullied By 3/5 Of One Direction (AU)

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BrittanyTommo By BrittanyTommo Updated 6 months ago
Meet Kate!
Her whole life she has wanted to fit in and make friends but that’s all been prevented thanks to 3 certain boys named Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. The three boys have been bullying her since grade four and it doesn’t make it any better that when she gets home she continues to get abused by her parents. Well she’s now in year 11 and has been suffering from the three of them bulling her for way too long. One day after her daily beating from the three, she’s walking down an alley way and accidentally runs into 2 boys. Their named Niall Horan and Liam Payne and what she doesn’t notice at first is that their NIALL HORAN AND LIAM PAYNE! Two of the most loved and talented boys in the world. What happens when Liam and Niall befriend her and find out what’s happening to Kate at home and even worse...? What happens when they find out about Harry, Louis and Zayn?
Something’s gonna go down... Just wait and see!
bullying_hurtsxo bullying_hurtsxo 8 days ago
We use the word wagging in New Zealand as well, fun fact, it was actually used first in New Zealand before Australia
Zayngle101 Zayngle101 18 days ago
I'm from England. And we call it skiving, but in America I think it's called ditching or something like that. Sorry I'm new to America
ashlie06 ashlie06 a month ago
But, but your so far away! * Flaps hand in lazy gesture* Why you gotta do dat to meh?!
coolaliya123 coolaliya123 a month ago
The way everyone is talking about Niall.. Shouldn't yall be worrying about the girl who cut and obvs had suicidal thoughts? Damn.
Lukelilpenguin Lukelilpenguin 2 months ago
I'm American but I think Aussies are the coolest people ever, I really wanna learn some Aussie terms.
CpJules CpJules 3 months ago
And Liam is in looooove with her. and all those little things.(sorry, i just singed that lol)