Life In The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was the genocide of about 6 million Jews during World War 2, by the Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler himself. These are diary entries by Jews who had lost everything to the Germans and were experiencing the deathly genocide.
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i dont understand this app because when you try to read a book there is only like 4 pages of the book,but this book is so insteresting and fun
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Very good! I'm very interested in the Holocaust and this was great! Are you gonna write more?
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I love this i saw a move about the holocause i think it was called the boy in the striped pijamas i think well back to topic i love it
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oooh  short but gripping and interesting ;) well done, voted! xx
lozzyloo22 lozzyloo22 3 years ago
really good and interesting. also very accurate :) you write nicely and i like the genre you have chasen :) goods work! voted! xx
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I love the different point of views :DD It definitely keeps everything so interesting
OMG, you dedicated this to me!?!! Thank you soo much :') Ahh