The Fisherman's Niece

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Roscoe_Leroy By Roscoe_Leroy Updated 2 years ago
Meriel Murphy had always wanted to go somewhere quiet, away from her present, to escape her past, and without much worry for her future. When a long lost great-uncle dies, leaving her as his sole heir, it seems as though her prayers have been answered. She moves to the Oregon coast to claim his rustic cabin and start something new. But dreams of a peaceful life along the sea soon vanish as sinister events and dark family secrets threaten to tear her sanity to pieces. The tide is coming in, but will she be ready to face what it brings?
HeartlessBabo HeartlessBabo 8 months ago
I LOVE IT <3 Cant take it off my mind esp when he gave dylan one last embrace. LOVE IT!
azureenvoltaire azureenvoltaire 8 months ago
Omg. I just revived my wattpad password and am over the moon to still hve this book in my list. Been looking thru lots of books and here I am rereading urs. Love it so much! Keep up the AWESOME writing!
aarti295 aarti295 a year ago
everytime i start reading from computer it starts from chapter 1. this problem i never faced in my mobile. whats the solution ?
sunnystar sunnystar a year ago
You'd think someone would've at least said, " Hi my name's Paul, mind if I take a quick smoke here?" ... but nothing! lol 
Awesome beginning can't wait to see where the story takes us~
Xela_gal57 Xela_gal57 2 years ago
"Even though the water was freezing cold - the water felt so silky and warm" all in one paragraph. @Rosco_Leroy, what is it?
joelhuntergun joelhuntergun 3 years ago
Nice work so far. I like the part about the mother standing at the foot of her bed w/ a meat cleaver. I had a nightmare like that as a boy. I look forward to reading more! :-)