Story of My Life

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_Azurite By _Azurite Updated 2 years ago
Highschool: The best time of our life or the worst nightmare?

Amy Ellis, a pretty girl has always been waiting for this day, the day when she'll be a Highschool student.
On her first day of Highschool, she received a very strange mail from Non_Sane, a stranger in the internet. And Kaine Lewis, the younger twin of the hottie in her class, suddenly took a liking to her? Ever since she entered Highschool, crazy things started happening, she became good friends with the hot twins in her class, she fell inlove, and she got betrayed? Is Highschool really this hard?
MadamTurtle MadamTurtle 2 years ago
number three is a perfect description of how people react when there stuck in a club with me and my friends. Nobody wants to be stuck with the nerds who talk non-stop about twilight and harry potter :)~
BeeHappySisi123 BeeHappySisi123 3 years ago
Aw its so cute. It remindes me of Meg Cabot's book, "How to be Popular." I'm diffenally going to the next chapter :)
WiltedWonderland WiltedWonderland 3 years ago
Very relate-able, and cute. Some minor mistakes, but that's normal! Over all, it was fun to read, so I'll definitely read on.
your character sounds well cool I love how you describe her sence of style, awesome stuff! XD
DesLovexx DesLovexx 3 years ago
The idea is pretty cool and intresting, but I would advise you to change the summary and make it a bit more intresting? :P
but in general, it's good! DONT STOP AND CONTINUE! :D xx
Justcantgetenough Justcantgetenough 3 years ago
I liked it and think you really should continue writing it :)